International Air and Space Program (2017 Edition)

Ever dreamed of becoming an Astronaut or joining the Space Program?

Wonder what ZERO G feels like? How about engineering & building a Robotic Rover and launching a rocket?

Then you must join the International Air and Space Program 2017 edition !


AEXA and Space Center Houston offer you a chance to experience the real world of SPACE EXPLORATION!

The International Air and Space Program is a challenging 5 day educational program. This mission involves teamwork problem solving & communication, among students and expert NASA engineers to adapt & solve many unexpected problems.

You will learn about building and launching rockets, design and construction of rovers & experience working in a floating environment of a wind tunnel and the application of flight procedures in an aircraft under a supervised flight.

We tour the actual facilities where today’s astronauts and scientists work, visit Mission Control and Rocket Park, Mock-up Facility including its full-size training modules of the International Space Station, the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory with an underwater full size ISS replica and more.

At the end of the week, each candidate will receive an official AEXA and Space Center Houston certificate during the graduation ceremony.

To secure your place for the exclusive IASP 2016 email or call +52(55)4124-0626, we provide the necessary formats for registration and additional information.


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